From September 2011, the payroll for all Leap Education candidates will switch to one of our payroll partner’s, My Key Pay Ltd or Online Payroll Solutions t/a Originem.

These are Umbrella Company’s which already pays thousands of education workers every week – including many from The Leap Group Ltd. Working through one of these providers means you will become an employee of their Umbrella Company, and you will therefore receive a range of employment-related benefits such as access to a pension and statutory benefits.

In addition to this, you have the possibility of  increasing your take-home pay by claiming the work-related expenses you incur, meaning you can reduce the expenditure on your assignment-related costs.

What happens next?

You will become an employee of, My Key Pay Ltd or Online Payroll Solutions t/a Originem for the work you do for us. This will not change the way we offer assignments to you, but will give you access to the additional employment benefits we alluded to above.

As an employee of either company, you may be able to treat your work-related expenses as tax and NI free amounts thus, giving you the opportunity to increase your take-home pay.

These are the types of items which cost you money on a daily basis and for which you simply end up out-of-pocket under our PAYE payroll.

Once you’re with a payroll provider you may be able to submit claims for your meals, travel expenses and other items such as books, stationery and classroom materials and these will be treated as tax and NI free expenses.